Miracles and Testimonies
Coming Soon, more testimonies of a few of the numerous Healings, Blessings and Miracles that people have received from the Lord while at Lighthouse Apostolic Church. Thank You JESUS!!
Feel Free To Submit your testimony, Email to pastor@lighthouseapostolicchurch.net or submit in writing to Pastor Eric or Sis. Jennifer. Thank You & God Bless.
I would like to say how blessed we are to have the power of God moving so strongly, that out of the numerous Jesus Name Baptisms that we have had at Lighthouse Apostolic Church, Over 7 of them have been after midnight, Thats Right Folks, God is still moving after service is dismissed. Some Sunday nights we have been at the church building enjoying the power of the Holy Ghost until nearly 6a.m. It has became normal for people to come wandering into the church building or just stop by to say hi all hours of the night.

I believe that God has given Lighthouse a youthful ministry (whether young or old physically)that is able to outreach people late at night as the Lord leads.
Miraculous healing testimony by Pastor about Norma Eggerman (Mi-Mi Pastors Grandmother):

"Mi-Mi was healed of Cancer by the laying on of hands and the power of Jesus healing through Holy Ghost filled believers. Norma had a distended belly that would fill up with bloody cancerous liquid which had to be pumped out every couple days. After getting prayed for at church on a sunday night she had her belly pumped the next day and to the shock of the nurse the liquid was not bloody. Mi-Mi said it "looked like beer" "no more blood, my Jesus healed me". Her oncologist could not figure out why she was still alive and then could not figure out where the cancer had gone, for the doctor had only given her a couple of weeks to live. The doctor in Decatur could not understand, but Mi-Mi was bold to say my Jesus healed me. God gave us the gift of time with Mi-Mi by healing her cancer. She also was a powerful witness about the healing power of Jesus. Mi-Mi had fell and broken her hip, fought a rough fight with staff infection, that she had contracted at the nursing home and eventually said I want to go see Jesus and be with Gordon (my grandpa). We then had to pray for Gods will and shortly after she passed on to be with Jesus at the age of 82." Thank You Jesus for the time to bring my grandmother, Jennifer and I the closest to one another than we had ever been, and also for showing my grandmother the truth about salvation, ACTS 2:38 John 3:5

Miraculous healing testimony by Pastor about Lisa S.:

"I was getting ready for church and my good friend Randy S. called me, crying, and told me of the terrible travisty that was unfolding in his life. Randy said that his wife had been sleeping and had a major asthma attack. Having asthma myself I was not expecting what Randy was to tell me next. Randy said Lisa has died, she's brain dead, it's over and they are going to take her off of life support at midnight. He also told me that he had went home to find some insurance papers and he saw my business card sitting in the middle of his kitchen floor and he new he had to call me. Immediately I heard the Lord speak to me saying do not let them disconnect her and that I had to go to Belleville and pray with her after church. God also told me to have Randy pray and agree with me at 6pm as I would be in the prayer room with my prayer partner praying for her. The devil tried to stop my wife Jennifer and I from going to Belleville as a thick fog had rolled in, but the Lord insisted that we go there and lay hands on her. We left for Belleville after church and carefully made the long drive in the fog. When we made it to the hospital Randy met us at the door and said I cannot hold them off much longer, they want to disconnect her, for she is brain dead and they can do nothing else for her. I told Randy not to listen to man but listen to the Lord and we made our way to the intensive care unit. Once we got to the intensive care unit we slipped past the nurses without a word being said (after midnight) and we made our way to Lisa's bedside. Lisa was swollen and hooked up to the lifesupport machines, breathing for her and keeping her body alive. Randy, Jennifer and I wasted no time and joined hands. We then laid our hands on Lisa as the bible tells us to do, we touched and agreed. Jennifer and I started praying in spirit (tongues) as God moved through us. We we're yielding vessels that night, full of the Holy Ghost, taking the direction of God and doing as the bible tells us to do. As we prayed, with no concern of the nurses who probably thought we we're crazy hearing an unknown language being spoken, the Holy Ghost moved in that hospital room. I opened my eyes from being lost in the Lord and we saw tears flowing down Lisa's face. Even though the tests had shown NO brain activity, this body, on life support was crying as the presence of God moved in that room. We knew then a miracle had taken place and as God led me I said NOW they can take her off of life support. At that time we consoled with Randy and told him she will be ok. We then came home to Taylorville. We went back to Belleville in a few days to see what God had done. Lisa was sitting up in her hospital bed working on her laptop and greeted us with a welcoming smile."

Thank You Jesus for taking the stripes for us and giving us life."

Miraculous healings through prayer cloths:

"I cannot count the miracles that Jesus has provided through annointing prayer cloths with oil and praying over them at tthe altar, in spirit."

Thank You Jesus, please let us never forget that we are nothing without You and that all power is from You.

"Jesus has provided the saints of Lighthouse Apostolic Church a wonderful building for us to worship and hold our services in after just a couple months of opening the church. He also has helped us restore this building within a months time and provided us with extra jobs and the ability to pay for it." Thank You Jesus., Pastor Eric