My Mission

To whom it may Concern- 

    My name is Arin and my brother is Eric Stillwell the Pastor of Lighthouse Apostolic Church. I have had a burden to help others most of my life and just recently went thru a hardship where I found myself incarcerated. During this time i met many gentleman that had stories of not having a place to go and being abandoned. Through the course of my life I have opened my doors of my home to many friends and people that were in need of shelter with no place to goÖÖ. With the Lighthouse Menís Home I will be able to approach my ministry with open arms and with a little more room to work. Also with available funding we will be able to help them get back on there feet, get a job and to be the good men that God had intended them to be.                          

This is my Burden, Open your Heart & Share it with me.                                                                                  


The Lighthouse Menís Home Mission       

   To provide a shelter for homeless, abandoned, or down on there luck men where they will have the opportunity to break the cycles of hopelessness and dependencies through spiritually based teaching and care, effecting permanent change in their lives, and leading to the development of positive character and life skills. 
   To give the men a hope and a helping hand to get back on there feet. Sometimes a helping hand is all a man needs to straighten there life up and we are here to be that hand.

Lighthouse Menís Home is ...

A faith based - non profit 501c3
A home that provides: lodging, food& clothing if availible and biblical guidance for  7 guests and 1 resident
A home for men leaving prison or rehab facilities
A home for men who have been evicted or living in poverty
A home of network opportunity for men seeking to enter or re-enter independent living
A home where you can stay monthly up to 9 months by R.A.ís approval
A home where men will hear the truth and be held accountable A home funded by organizations, churches, foundations, corporations and personal donations
A home of second chances
A home with an opportunity of a lifetime!

Lighthouse Menís Home is NOT ...

A "Safe home" for High Risk situations
A handicap facility
A 24 hour shelter
A Quick fix For women or men under the age of 18  

Our Goal is to fulfill a burden much needed in Christian County by helping the men that need it.

Open your Heart & Share it with us.